Energy Solutions

Add some green to your home with Holmans Smart Home

Dorset Energy Solutions by Holmans Smart Homes

Thanks to today’s technology, there are so many ways to heat your home effectively and control it from anywhere, and we mean anywhere, at home or on the way back from work! So your home is nice and toasty for your arrival.

You can even access your heating remotely via a mobile device as well as make changes to your home energy through a PC or mobile, so you can always check to see how much energy you are using and how to save money.

We incorporate a range of features which are controlled and monitored from an intelligent control panel. From here you can use and modify various presets such as: Simple on/off, hot water schedule, heating schedule and that important boost button for when you need immediate heat.

Whether you need a small setup or complete custom design, we can help you choose the right technology to suit your home, style and experience. So many options are available to make your home smarter, our team are very happy to talk you through your ideas and provide a no obligation quote.