Integrated Solutions

Build the ultimate smart home with Holmans Smart Home

Dorset Integrated Solutions by Holmans Smart Homes

Holmans specialise in home automation technology for smart homes, which is both practical and easy to use. It boasts seamless, harmonised integration of your entire home audio and video, cinema, lighting, security, energy, networking, internet and more.

We are able to work with homeowners and property developers alike, to build a complete home automation system which is integrated with your lifestyle. From a single room to an entire property, we deliver seamless home automation solutions which blend perfectly into your home.

Smart home integration will revolutionise the way you interact with your day to day activities. Daily routines can be scheduled to occur at specific times or dates, whether you want the lights to turn on in the morning, or imitate your daily habits while you are away. Holmans Smart Homes can control every aspect of your home via integrated touch screens, or remotely by mobile device, via wifi or 3G from anywhere in the world.

Holmans can provide you with a centralised solution by combining multiple components into a single access point. This removes the need for separate controls for TV, heating, music, and lighting etc, and ultimately giving you complete control from one source.

Whether you need a small setup or complete custom design, we can help you choose the right technology to suit your home, style and experience. So many options are available to make your home smarter, our team are very happy to talk you through your ideas and provide a no obligation quote.