Control your mood lighting with Holmans Smart Home

Dorset Home Lighting Control by Holmans Smart Homes

Thanks to today’s technology, there are so many ways to light your home beautifully and control them from anywhere, and we mean anywhere, at home, at work, even on holiday! Effective lighting plays an essential role in enhancing the mood and feeling of a home. The Holmans team can design and install a lighting system to suit both taste and budget.

We incorporate a range of features which are controlled and monitored from an intelligent control panel. From here you can use and modify various presets such as: Simple on/off, night light, motion sensor, route illuminator (for finding your way at night) and even curtain/blind control.

Various control methods allow you to change settings and mood, from simple switches, to touch panels which are able to various aspects of your home. Thanks to our vast knowledge, we can step you through the whole process and create the right solution for you.

Whether you need a small setup or complete custom design, we can help you choose the right technology to suit your home, style and experience. So many options are available to make your home smarter, our team are very happy to talk you through your ideas and provide a no obligation quote.